Business Management and Systems Development

IT'S TIME TO PLOT YOUR OWN PATH! WE HAVE THE BLUE PRINT FOR YOU! Self-Education is your best 1st Investment!

We inform, train and set up everything a business needs for growth!

Legacy Leaders BDI helps you to learn what you need to do to leave your OWN LEGACY!

Quit waiting for others to lend a hand, only to find yourself still waiting. Your legacy extends beyond biological relatives; it leaves a mark and influences the community. Everything you require is conveniently accessible in one location: launching your business, establishing crucial business systems (the cornerstone), marketing to attract customers, exploring small and minority business certifications, securing contracts and grants, crafting grant proposals, fundraising, devising strategies, and much more! Our comprehensive range of courses covers all aspects of business management, contracting, grants, and beyond, from A to Z.

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